Monday, August 31, 2009

West Ward Ho II

Taking a break from hiking at Sundrift Gorge in Glacier:

Nick spotted a big horn sheep:

Swift Current Lodge - It wasn't open yet:

This deer was right next to our truck. Christy spotted it.

There are glaciers under all that snow - this is the first week in June!

West Ward Ho I

Heading toward on of the glaciers

On the Cedar Trail

The glacier is lost in the clouds:

Christy is loving the mountains!

Just beyond the "watch for Grizzlies" sign in West Glacier:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing Fun

Dad and I went fishing to a county pond this morning. I wasn't have any luck and Dad was pulling them out one after another.

I finally got one! It was the biggest of them all until.........

Dad caught this bass!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My nephew

Marnie, Ryan and I went to the zoo on Thursday. Snow leopards are his favorite!

Of course, we had to do the penny squasher! Have to start them young!

Turtles aren't that exciting......Notice the Junior Ranger Vest we got him at Glacier? He LOVES it. He's Park Ranger Casey when he wears it.

Here is is pretending he's sick.....

This is the look we got when we asked if he was going to be good at the Restaurant.......

"Ummmmm.......NO!" was the answer (but he was pretty good!)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Scrap Retreat Weekend

My sister and I and the other sisters went on a scrapbooking retreat weekend at the Craft Cottage over the weekend. It was lots of fun, lots of laugh, and lots of creativity. We've always wanted to go an do that! Now we have...I don't know that we'll need to go again though. It was a long time to sit and do that! The place could have used a couch or something to be able to take a break and relax. I got a lot done! I made a card, altered a hideous picture frame, and made lots of pages. I even got in 5 hours for my Master Gardener volunteer time!

Kurt is still in the Philippines. He's scheduled to get home Wednesday night. I can't wait!