Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Hot Date

Since Kurt has been gone since Thursday afternoon we made a lunch date. He had to come back this way to the office and I needed to go his way to check on my cows. (I'm keeping the cows I got for Christmas)(I'm happy with them btw).

He suggested lunch at Perkins, probably because he wanted pie. I agreed but then got a hankering for Mexican. We had a late lunch at Hacienda. Very yummy. I had lunch Chicken Fajitas and he had a beef taco and a chicken quesadilla. We both had rice and beans.

Then I went to the office with him and watched him install a part in one of the multitudes of data cabinets. Wires everywhere. I have no idea how he can make sense of any of it.

I stopped at the mall and used my gift card. They were having 50 -70% off sales. It is the only decent sale that I've seen anywhere. I got four body creams, two body sprays, one big and one travel size shower gels, and two glycerin soaps. All of it for $29.95! I'm set for a good long while.

I took Francis to get his stitches out this morning. It was a forty minute drive each way and approximately 7 seconds to take out the sutures. I should have done it myself. He is fine and without a scar.

Friday, December 28, 2007


So far today, Hillary has called, Joe Biden has called, Obama has called. I got mail from all three of them as well as Edwards. Hillary and Obama people have both stopped by.

I think of the rest of the nation knew how much of this BS there is to deal with (it's been over a year I think) there's NO WAY they would want to be first in the nation.

Bill Clinton is nearby today. Chris Dodd has invited me to dinner in Waterloo.

Please please let January 3 get here!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

And We're Back!

Much like MacArthur we have returned! We got back for MN late this afternoon. Within forty-five minutes I was childless and husband-less. The former makes me happy the latter not so much. Kurt delayed work before Christmas so now he'll be gone until Sunday afternoon.

Our trip to MN was good. The truck is soooo much better than us all being stuffed in the Impala. Francis still hates riding in a vehicle. On the way back today though he was relaxed and snoozing. Probably because he was exhausted from playing with his "cousin" dogs, Sparky and Bandit, and youngest nephew, Ethan. Francis is currently passed out on the bed amidst Christmas presents. It was a very good Christmas. My husband is a very sweet and thoughtful man even though I am terrible at controlling my expressions. He got me a painting that I've been obsessing about since last summer. However, it's not the one I wanted. I really really like it though. I feel like crap for being ungrateful...or unpleased (is that a word?)He says I can check and see if the gallery still has the one I want. He says they looked all over and he's pretty sure it wasn't there.

With my single days ahead I hope to get some cleaning and organizing done. My scrapbook table is a disaster and it makes the entire kitchen look like ca-ca.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes have been fulfilled around here! The kids were up at 5:20 waiting for us to get up! We started opening around 7:45. Nick likes to pile the presents by name under the tree. It irritates me to no end, so this year instead of name tags I assigned them each a number. Then I realized that he could stack by number so I then assigned each kid a random number. It worked out pretty well. They are good a guessing what their gifts are too. Next year I think no presents will appear under the tree until Christmas morning.

We had our traditional oyster stew (and chili) on Christmas Eve at the farm. We've done this every year of my life. It's always been on Christmas Eve except for the year Marnie and Todd lived in Ohio. However, this year is the last year for that. Marnie and Todd want Ryan to wake up in his own house on Christmas morning. Also, Grandpa wasn't there. This is probably our last Christmas with him. I guess I have to accept change however hard it is.

We'll go back to the farm for Christmas dinner. Marnie and I are both bringing lots of food to help Mom out. We'll play BINGO after lunch for dollar store prizes. Then later in the afternoon we'll head to Rochester for Kurt's family Christmas.

Here's hoping all the best for you and yours. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No idea what to call this

i made chex mix (for the first time ever) last night. I'm doing two more batches now. It's misty/drizzly outside currently. We're waiting to see what the weather is going to do. The kids want to go shopping, I won't them to get some decent dress up clothes, and Kurt has to work in Davenport tonight. I am NOT excited about that. Last I heard tonight is supposed to be blizzard conditions.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I got a B in my biology lab! My grade point for this semester is 3.91!! SO I am OFFICIALLY a graduate of UNI. I got my diploma cover last saturday and now I can wait for the actual diploma to arrive (as soon as I finish my internship). I have less than 100 hours left.


Monday, December 17, 2007


Took the pooper to the vet to get neutered this morning. I really miss him (although it's been WONDERFUL not having to stand outside with him). I can pick him up tomorrow, bring him home, and then turn around and drive back to work.

Speaking of which - I only have office practicums left to do. I have around 120 hours to finish it. This week I'm conducting Medicare Part D sessions with our residents. So far no one has signed up, but tomorrow and wednesday I have short info/sign up sessions scheduled.

On Saturday I graduated with my BA in Gerontology with an emphasis in long term care. I'm glad I walked. It was pretty cool to see all the robes, hear the orchestra, etc. However, everyone forgot to bring a camera so the only pictures I will have will be the ones I can buy. Oh well. Lots of celebrating was done. I had a family dinner at Biaggis. Then on Saturday we ate at Red Lobster afterward and that evening had dinner with friends then drinks with other friends. It was nice.

My grandpa is in the hospital in the Hospice room. He seems to be doing better, but is still sleeping almost constantly. It's very difficult to see him there. Especially since he's in the room where my grandma died. I think they may have redecorated though. The strangest things will make me cry. I'm glad that I am close enough that I can go and see him everyday.

I'm watching VH-1's greatest songs of the 90's. It's reminding me of songs I'd like on my Ipod!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Double Doozie

We're having a bit of a snowstorm. After work I drove the truck to Grandpa's to check on him and to deliver some homemade ham & bean soup as well as vegetable beef. Part way there I knew I'd made a huge mistake driving the truck. It's too big for me to be comfortable with it in snow and ice despite the 4 wheel drive. Kurt had to come and rescue me.

I got to Grandpa's right after Hospice had left. He's all signed up with them. He was very nauseous when I first arrived, but later managed to eat (and hold down) some bean soup and some Jell-o.

The second thing was that my grandpa's younger brother (who is 91) and also lives independently had fallen 2x yesterday. He has a heart thing that causes him to faint. This is the third or fourth fall recently. His hip is bothering him but they can't find a break in it. He is now in the hospital and has checked himself into a nursing facility. Uncle Melvin very upset about my grandpa which isn't helping. Plus their younger sister, Aunt Donna (who is in assisted living) is upset as well. Bad things happening to each of them just makes it a vicious circle. It's coming all at once. Yikes!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I knew this day would come...

My grandpa has been tired and losing weight. He and mom have been "doctoring" Grandpa has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and nodules on his lungs. Mom told me Friday night. I held it together while I was on the phone with her. The second I ended the call I freaked out and went into hysterics. I was crying so hard I was almost hyperventilating. Kurt was driving (this was after we'd been to Christmas with Wartburg Concert)(wonderful btw) and on our way to Perkins. It was all I could do to dial the Wonder Twin and hand the phone to Kurt. Luckily, I have a very wonderful, understanding, and non-jealous husband. In this case, Brian just knows me and the history better than Kurt. Brian was able to get me to breathe and get myself under control.

I went over to Grandpa's today. It was 4:15 in the afternoon and he was in bed asleep. I've NEVER seen him in bed during the day...EVER. I took him some home-made chicken noodle soup, potato soup and some ground chicken. My aunt from CA is here. I hope she can be a help.

I realize that I have been blessed to have my grandpa as long as I have. He will be 93 in March. He lives on his own on the farm and is mostly healthy and independent. He recovered from a broken hip last year and made it out of the nursing home and back to the farm. I can't imagine him not being a part of my life. He's always been there. Every Sunday I know he will be at my parents' house visiting. He's had a long wonderful life as Brian pointed out. It's just that I don't want him to be in pain and to suffer. My grandma died 20 years ago last October from cancer. I was almost 16. It was horrible horrible horrible. It's still vivid in my mind and heart.

Wednesday is the doctor appointment to decide what, if anything, to do. Grandpa always says the way to go is to just wake up dead one morning. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen.