Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York II

We're going to see A Little Night Music with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury for the matinee on Sunday.

We may try to get standby tickets to either SNL or their dress rehearsal. The host that weekend is Tina Fey so it might be kind of difficult (as if getting there by 7 am won't be difficult enough!).

I'm worried about being poorly dressed for the restaurants and such. I bet they're used to shlubby tourists though. However, I think Kurt and I are better behaved, dressed etc than the usual clueless tourist.

It's only 3 weeks away! WOW!


In February, I saw in the paper that there was T shirt quilting class being taught nearby. I've always wanted to make one out of my high school and concert tshirts! I thought it would be perfect for Rikki and me to do!

It was to held for 4 consecutive monday nights. We'll we had shitty weather so by the 4th and final Monday we'd only had two classes! Rikki and I ended up going for two entire saturdays as well and we still aren't done.

Turns out I didn't have as many tshirts as I thought either. I had to buy and create additional shirts to get to the 15 that I needed.

Here's a layout of my shirts once I got them cut and fused.

Here's a shot of me working on my "fatties" which is a tshirt attached to a piece of sashing and repeat!

Et Voila! It's my quilt top assembled with the fatties, skinnies, cornerstones and one of the borders.

I've now added a second wider border and it's ready to be backed and quilted! I'm having the quilting done (or I will). Once it's quilted I'll have to take another class to learn how to do the binding.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Poor Kid

Nick had his 4 impacted wisdom teeth out on Friday. The poor guy. He kept throwing up and had the misfortune of finding out the meaning of suppository. Kurt got back from Vegas a couple of hours after we got home from the surgeon. Nick was still pretty out of it.

He's been doing really well. They were off school yesterday and then had a late start today so he had a decent recovery time.

It's nice that we could pay for it with our HSA. I'm glad Kurt deals with getting us signed up for all that stuff!

New York State of Mind

Yep, that's right! I'm finally going to see the bright lights of New York City! Kurt and I have booked tickets for the second weekend in April! It'll be a whirlwind. I'm already over planning but we've got the hotel, Statue of Liberty tix, and theater tickets!

Anyone have any suggestions of things to do? We're going Fri-Mon and seeing the show Sunday afternoon.

I'm soooooo excited!!