Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm talking to Rikki about something a while ago and say, "I think I have ADD" in an offhand, joking manner and she replies, "I've thought that for a while." WHAT?? I tell Kurt about it and he says the same thing.

My lack of concentration, how quickly I lose interest in a subject, book, task, conversation. The way my mind races from one topic to another keeping me up at night. I took an online test. I scored very high on the "you should really get that checked out" scale.

Now, I'm trying to decide what to do. I've always said I could be amazing if I ever put my mind to it. Who should I see? A GP? A shrink?

I've already lost interest in it. I got bored reading about it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burn After Reading

Kurt and I went to see this movie tonight. It was HILARIOUS!! I'm sure our government is just like that. Brad Pitt was a complete doofus, George Clooney was comedy, and John Malkovich was his usual psycho self.

We highly recommend it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wildlife Saturday

Saturday Kurt and I went to hang out with Kevin and Theresa for a while. We half watched the Iowa game, had some beers, and chatted. Afterward we were going to go to see Religious the Bill Maher movie. It was such a pretty day though that we decided to leaf look.

We stopped at a park and they had some elk. It was cool. One of the bulls had half his rack broken off. He and the other (bigger) one started sparring while we were there. It was cool!

So. I have spent the ENTIRE morning scrubbing the kitchen floor Cinderella style on my hands and knees. Gross! I'm shocked the health department n'tcome in here and condemned it. At one point I had to leave and go get more pinesol and another scrubber. I still need to do the bathroom floor, but it's going to have to wait til tomorrow or the next day.

Monday I vacuumed the entire main floor. Why is it that my favorite kind of dog is a hairy one?

I'm working on a cover letter/job application/salary requirement letter for a job with the Alzheimer's Association. I think I would really enjoy it. Kurt and Rikki have been helping me word it just right. I plan on sending it out tonight.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

50 years later

We went to Sioux Falls last weekend to visit my husband's parents. One of our main objectives was to scan in old family pictures. We had a lot of fun doing so. We scanned in over 280 images and learned a lot we didn't know.

Audra Kae and Lyle will be having their 50th wedding anniversary in November. I was commenting on pretty her dress was and she says, "do you want to see it?"

I figured it was packed away, but she had it hanging in her bedroom closet.

She said, "I always hoped I'd have a daughter or grand-daughter who would want to wear it." Well, since Christy is the first girl born into the direct descent in 92 years it's not too likely. We did get her to try it on though.

Does it make me a bad step-mother?

That I look forward to the kids being gone on the weekends?

That I don't want to oldest two living with us because of their crappy attitudes and how much strife they cause in my marriage?

That I think if she isn't going to see her kids on the weekends or take any responsibility toward them that she should have her parental rights terminated?

I certainly don't think it does.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey Sarah Palin is a great video. Check it out!