Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday in Photos

Jack in the Pulpit -

More wildflowers-

The Explorer - checking out a turtle sunning itself on a muskrat hut.

Peaceful Oak Savannah:

A bullfrog!


i could have sworn I did some updates since May 11th. Weird.

We've had a productive weekend I guess. We've gone out to the farm twice. We've been clearing weeds and liberating raspberries. I've created a hosta garden along the shed. Our plan is to move out there once Christy graduates so we're trying to get some plantings established before we go. It's a huge struggle for me to NOT buy and put in plants here. I don't want to have to move a lot of stuff though. I've got enough perennials here already.

Yesterday we went to an outdoor learning center featuring wetlands, an oak savannah, and multitudes of trails. We saw tadpoles, toads, bullfrogs, spotted frogs, a snake, birds, and lots of wild flowers. There are also 11 Indian burial mounds. I chose not to hike up the huge hill to look at them but Kurt and the kids did. The mosquitoes were starting to bother me and I think maximum exertion had been achieved for this couch potato!

After restorative $1 sundaes we continued home and then went back to the farm to continue with our efforts.

I was dismayed to discover a TICK on myself when I went to shower. We're now on Lyme disease watch. I can only assume it will take effect next week when we are on our Westward Ho! family trip.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nick updates

Nick is doing pretty well with soccer considering he's never played before. He plays defense.

He takes some pretty hard shots!

He had a good 16th birthday!

Yet another new watch. These children go through watches and shoes like toilet paper!

New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas

Well thanks to Blogger these are out of order.

I was standing in Colorado when I took this one:

We drove up and around the side of this volcano in Northern New Mexico. It was scary too! You can see the road going around it.

Typical "home" in the Grasslands of SE Colorado:

The ruins of Ft Union in Northern New Mexico.

The Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert

Storm clouds as we are racing toward the parks

The Painted Desert

Petrified Wood! The rangers were watching everyone VERY closely! As if we could have lifted it!

Another Scary Drive - Salt River Canyon

I had lots of other cool images but turns out my film camera was worn out :( I've got nothing.
It used to be this was the only route through Northern AZ to Phoenix. It was terrifying!

Biosphere 2

Anyone know what Biosphere 1 is? Answer below!

My husband is a geek. We were in the neighborhood. We HAD to stop!

I have to say - it wasn't awful.

I'm glad we went.
**EARTH is biosphere 1