Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Next Big Trip

In October we are going to participate in the National Equality March in Washington, D.C. Rikki, Amy and Rikki's bff Sherry are going too! Another girl and her bf may go. Rikki's cousin, Damien, might take the train from NYC and join us, too. (I doubt it thought because he never shows up for anything).

We've booked our air and we're working on the hotel. It's hard to know where to stay in D.C. especially since we don't have much info about the march yet.

Today we went to gpa's and planted a russian sage. It's so pretty! Things look pretty good out there. My dad has done a great job mowing. Stuff we planted previously is blooming. I wish I had taken my camera. The Pooper is zonked out! He had lots of fun running around and getting dirty. Good thing I'm planning on getting him groomed this week.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thanks Facebook

Been spending way too much time on Facebook which leads to blog neglecting. (It's a lot easier to upload photos to FB). We've been gone again. This time Kurt and I went on a Baltic Cruise with my parents. We got back the 3rd and I promptly succumbed to sinus infection. Urgent Care opened at 8 am on the 5th. We got there at 8:15 and I was patient #5!

We've also be slaving away on the Dear Birthmother letter and profile. I think we finally got the letter approved. Now we have to pick the photos for it and for the online profile.

Kurt has to go to Indianapolis for work next week. Then the week after that he's off to Manila for 2 weeks.

I've got to volunteer at the Fair next week for my master gardener hours. I've also go a scrap weekend with the sisters coming up and the coochie campout. Summer is FLYING by!