Saturday, January 01, 2011

None baby stuff

(Well, I'm sure he'll sneak his way in somehow!)

We had a lovely Christmas. I made the kids and dog pose nicely before the present opening occured. Everyone was quite happy with what Santa brought them. Heath is growing so quickly that things that had been purchased and wrapped 2 weeks prior had to be exchanged!

We took Ryan sledding up at the school. There was a little "mogul" built into the main run. He had a blast!

We've had A LOT of freaking snow! At least it was light and fluffy (and the wind didn't blow).

There's a fire hydrant in there somewhere!

Nicky got his ACT scores back. We're VERY proud of him!

3 Months old!

My how he's growing! He's unoffically 18.5# and 25 inches long. He's my little chubba lubba.