Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Wet, Wild Weekend

We got 3+ inches of rain since Friday. We needed it, but thunderstorms don't exactly go with waterparks. All the kids were in a mini uproar. "Are we going to the Lost Island?" "Are we going to the Lost Island?" "I think the Lost Island is going to be FUN! Are we going?"

Saturday was nice til mid afternoon. We got everyone home, and got everyone clean. Alex looked a bit Frankensteinish with his staples, but they were much smaller than I expected. Since the wound had scabbed over it was decided he could go to the waterpark as long as he wore a swimcap (of course, we had some miscommunication and I didn't find this out until much later which led to some tension)

We had Fred's 18th birthday party on Saturday. It's the first time we've had a kid on the actual birthday. The usual suspects were here eating the usual menu + Dairy Queen cake. He got the usual presents (rollerblades and a helmet), a Barnes and Noble gift card, jeans (that he doesn't have to roll up), a shirt, and some games and cards. Overall he didn't seem very excited (until the cake appeared). But Fred is an understated kind of child.

We had loud scary thunderstorms Saturday night. One clap of thunder was so powerful it sent Christy scurrying downstairs into her Daddy's lap. There were several more during the night and I expected her to end up with us. In the morning she informed me once she is asleep she stays asleep.

Sunday morning - Waterpark Day - More storms. My Dad was going with us (it was his father's day present). He called. He and Kurt decided to postpone it. I got up to some very disappointed children. I took the day off so I could go. I was disappointed too. By 10:15 (it opens at 10:30) it had cleared off and the radar looked clear. We called Dad and rescheduled. WE'RE GOING TO THE LOST ISLAND!!

I've never seen the kids get ready and in the car so quickly! We got out there around 12:30 and stayed til 6. Dad left half way through. Lucky! Kurt and I were exhausted. The kids had a blast. I've never seen Fred smile so much.

There are 3 body slides, 4 slides that are 1 or 2 people in tubes, and one big yellow one that is 3-5 people in a tube. There is also a lazy river, and 3 medium to little kid play areas and a wave pool.

We all went for the body slides first thing. We got up there. Christy was in position and decided it was too dark and she was scared. She couldn't go down with a partner, so she walked back down. After we all made it through the tube, she, Dad, and I went over to one of the play areas. While the Hansen men continued to slide. There was a smaller slide there which she loved.

A bit later she and I went on the Tangerine Tempest which is a tube that shoots into a big bowl where you swirl around before being sucked back down into another tube. It's like a giant toilet bowl. She did good at first, then got scared. By the time we splashed down she was shaking and starting crying when we got out. I felt bad. She's usually fearless. She declared, "let's go on the lazy river. It will help calm me down." We met up with Kurt and the boys in the river. Pretty much Christy hung out with the adults and we let the boys go on their own as long as they stuck together. Alex was easy to spot with his blue swim cap so that made life much easier. We went out and had a picnic on the lawn half way through the visit, reapplied sunscreen (not that it helped. I'm burned to a crisp. I'm soo upset. I had more sunscreen on than anyone else. I think it was old and the SPF was too low) and headed back in.

Hours later we finally got everyone together in one place. We did one last time in the wave pool then headed for home. We ordered in Chinese and watched some TV. Nick said he can't wait to go back next year and Alex said it was a great weekend! High praise from our kids!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not Such a Treat

Rice a Roni almost caused my demise today.

I came home for lunch. Made some of the "San Francisco Treat", proceeded to watch the Travel Channel, and almost choke to death.

I apparently coughed and inhaled at the same time or something. A piece of lightly browned vermicelli wedged in my throat. I started to cough, then gasp for air, then get hot and sweaty, then panic, then gasp for please God a breath of air, cough so forcefully I pee some, try to decide if i needed hemliching, stagger to the kitchen and puke repeatedly in the sink all the while gasping for air. I got dizzy. I continued to gasp for air panting, waiting for my heart to slow down. I call Kurt at work and start to cry. I've never choked like that before.

Now I'm starving (I did puke up my lunch after all) and my throat hurts. It was a scary afternoon.

Insomnia Strikes Again

Why is it I always have insomnia on the days that I have to be to work at 7 am? I woke up at 330 this morning. I finally got back to sleep around 5:15. Then Kurt's alarm went off a 530. Great. I had to be up at 615 (and that's pushing it). I came to in a puddle of drool around 6:35. I had knocked my cell on the floor deactivating the alarm. Nice. I staggered downstairs and ask " didn't you notice the time?" ( I realize it's not his responsibility to get me up but.....). He is, of course, happily munching on toast and surfing the net. He wants a kiss. I tell him I don't have time for that sort of thing.

I got showered and made it to work at 701. Not bad. I was impressed. Only a minute late. Later in the day, though, I was starving and had huge snarls in my hair. Thank goodness for scrunchies. My sister tells me growing my bangs out is liberating. So far I don't see it.

Kurt's education meeting with the PP went as expected. She thinks everything is fine. Memorable quotes include: "I have Alex teaching Nicky grammar so Alex will learn grammar" and regarding Fred not knowing Algerbra, Trig, and Geometry, "Well he has the book. He must not have cracked it". Also, she can't meet again because she is fully booked until September (with what we don't know. Child rearing and education don't appear to be two of the scheduled activities).

Fred's 18th is this weekend. We're having the party Saturday night and then going to the Waterpark on Sunday (weather and Alex's noggin permitting.) My dad is going, too. The kids are excited. Check it out at www.thelostisland.com

Monday, June 20, 2005

ER visit

I get a text message this afternoon that says, "Alex gashed head with post pounder. On way to meet them at st lukes". He is ok. Apparently he lifted the pounder too high, missed the post and cracked himself in the head. Of course it was 90 degrees today and the PP wasn't at home at the time of the incident. Nice. She got home soon after. She called Kurt to see what to do. They met at the ER. Alex ended up with 12 staples to close the wound. I called to see how he was. The PP kept asking if Kurt had to go back to work. He replied, "No, it was Heather checking on Alex". The PP replied, "wow sounds like she's more concerned about him than I was." NICE. I can't continue to express my opinion on this matter, because this is a family blog. The main thing is that Alex didn't die which is of course always a possibility when he is there.

Herd 'Em Out

I know why I stay in bed on Monday mornings. It's a lot of work to get 4 kids and 1 domestic partner out the door! (Funny story btw....) Kurt refers to me as his companion, his domestic partner, or his spousal equivalent. I KNEW it was a bad idea. There isn't a label for what I am. (plus he's not ready for the label I'm wanting :) Anyway, some woman at work...He had said something about his domestic partner. She asked Teresa (our friend with whom Kurt works) if he was gay! (Not that there's anything wrong with that). I said, "SEE! I told you!"

Back to this morning. I woke up at 3:30 to pee. Then my mind started working. I've been up ever since. I made pancakes for everyone as they straggled out of bed. Kurt spends a leisurely morning usually. Drinking coffee, checking email, getting behind schedule etc. At 6:15 he notices he has an 8:15 conference call. Two children are still in bed at this point. He goes into crisis mode which is pretty funny since he isn't all the way awake.

We start sending kids through the shower and waking the rest up. Fred takes over loading the car which usually takes at least half an hour. The dog is in the middle of everything trying to snag a pancake. Nick devours 4 or 5 pancakes and goes back downstairs. I figure he is done and clear and rinse his plate. He comes back upstairs, looks around, and asks what happened. He was just waiting for the next round of food!

I keep telling everyone to hurry up; they need to leave by 7:15. I had them way ahead of schedule. I was feeling great. Then Nick disappeared again. I heard the bathroom door slam shut. This was not good. Any time gained was about to be lost. I found out this weekend that Nicky was overdue (late) by two weeks. A clear indication of personality if there ever was one. Being slow, late, and last defines Nick, which is unusual because he is totally hyper active. Finally got everyone out the door at 7:11am. Impressive. It's all in Kurt's hands now. I did what I could. I'm having a nap.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Yesterday was a good day. Kurt and I got up and went to the farmers market where I got some snap peas. The are so sweet and yummy. We then hit a couple of garage sales ending up at Fareway. We decided to call our friends, Kevin and Teresa, to see if they were busy. Amazingly, they were free. Yes! It usually takes months of planning to get together with them. We planned a cook out. I got a dozen brats, and 3.5# of burger as well as some baked beans, grapes, and ice cream sandwiches.

We spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage. We are down to the last little bit of sorting. Alex has boxes that he needs to go thru. I am astounded! I may end up with free space yet.

We moved the patio furniture and a card table out onto the lawn. I got everything as ready to go as possible. Kevin and Teresa brought chips, a pasta salad, and these dangerous brownies topped with m and m cookie dough. I must certainly DO NOT need the recipe for that. Their kids, Ella 7 and Austin 5 were a little shy when they first arrived. Once everyone had some food in them things got better. The kids were playing soccer, using the sidewalk chalk, skating, dragging toys out of the garage sale boxes, and playing basketball.

Once it got dark the fireflies came out in force. Everyone was trying to catch them. Christy kept saying, "flash firefly flash" and then in a really little voice Ella would repeat her. It was sweet.

It was great visit. I didn't burn any of the food, and the citronella took care of most of the skeeters. Plus we have enough leftovers for lunch!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Z pack and a Coma

The cough continues. Kurt decided to look at my throat. He said my tonsils were the size of grapes and I needed to go back to the doctor. So yesterday I went back to urgent care. I was the only patient. I thought "well this is nice". I definitely spoke too soon. Both the intake nurse and the doctor had ice running thru their veins. I believe they were both at the top of their class, Unfriendly 101. I had to explain to them, yes, I had been in before (i could see that info on the chart from my seat on the paper covered table) the reason of my visit (could see that too), and that I had a cough (which they could tell if they were listening to me at all). I convinced them the bacteria was still around. I walked out with a Z pack and cough syrup with codeine. Needless to say, most of the rest of the day was spent passed out on the couch.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Golden Showers yellow climbing rose. Guess someone created their own 2 pk!

Nelly Moser Clematis

Weekly update

I got grief from my sister today because my blog hasn't been updated. Boo hoo. Actually, one of the reasons is that even though the virus has been conquered my computer still runs at a snail's pace. Attempting to log on it is too aggravating to even try most of the time. Now the guru thinks it's because we have too much antivirus protection on the system now.

I cropped with Jen and Marn today. It was fun. I bought some cool stuff at the extravaganza and then at the store afterwards. Jen has the awesomest tote of scrapbooking stuff. Once again I used a lot of her product.

The drive home was really pretty. Big, beautiful, tall storm clouds with the golden hour light illuminating them. I was trying to find a red barn to photograph against it but no luck.

Last night we went to Dysart to BOTTOMS UP! My friends Rikki and Tabby were back from AZ from their business trip. We got there a little before them and bellied up to the bar. Later on ALL the lights in town went off for probably 15 -20 minutes. Big excitement in Podunk! Had a couple of beers, got covered in smoke and headed home.

Earlier this week I washed windows. I got the living room ones done. I've only got 10 more to go! This may evolve into my summer project.

Kurt cleaned the gutters today. I believe Fred helped. The lawn also got mowed. Christy asked if we were doing anything exciting today. Apparently not!

Found out the sex of Marn and Todd's baby. It's a......can't tell you! I better wait until they have it on their blog. I saw part of the ultrasound video. They made me look at its foot. YUCK!!! I HATE feet.

I have to work tomorrow. I think skating is on the agenda for everyone else. I asked if I was needed today. Kurt said I was missed. I guess I'll take what I can get.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hail the Conquering Hero!

Kurt, the mighty computer man, has Vanquished the Virus! My computer is virus free for the first time in weeks. It works much better (sort of).

It is WAY humid out today. I may not garden. I might just hang out inside in the A/C doing my domestic goddess routine.

I'm going to the scrapbook extravaganza this saturday with my sister and Jen. If I actually had some money it might be a buying frenzy. Instead I'm going to make a list and only get the things I need.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Perfect Day

Today was pretty close to perfect. Korrena and I went garage saleing for almost 4 hours this morning. I got BAGS of stuff! Kurt sent money with me since I was looking for stuff for the kids. I could get used to being given $ to sale with! I got 10 items @.25 each of clothing for Christy yesterday. Today I got her a Old Navy bibs, some jeans, shorts, shirts and some dresses. I got all of the boys pants and shorts. Also found a pair of barely used rollerblades and gear (still in the box!) for Christy. We had the baby with us. She was really good. I got her a cute little outfit & something for the niece or nephew to be., too.

I got home and got to spend some QT with Kurt. He sorted papers and cleaned up the office while i was gone. We had a quick lunch and he headed out to get the kids. (We called ahead and told them to be sure to eat lunch). I went out to the garage and got back to sorting stuff. Once they got home the kids that weren't bathing helped sort. We got rid of a lot. I am sooooo excited.

Kurt treated us all to a movie. We saw EPISODE III - WHATEVER OF THE SITH. I've been waiting since 1977 to find out some of those answers. It was great. I remember when light sabers only came in one color and Yoda just sat there. It was an awesome movie.

We got home and much to everyone's dismay we continued to sort. The kids gave me permission to toss as I see fit!! I asked if they understood the implications of their statement........

We had tacos al fresco for supper as we were serenaded by the sounds of the Battle of the Bands in Brynes Park. Dishes are done, kids are asleep, house is reasonably picked up, I'm having some ice cream and calling it a day.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stop and smell the Roses

I love roses. A great gift for me is a rose bush rather than a bouquet of roses. I bought a 2 pack of Jumbo roses for $10 a month or so ago. I got 2 yellow Beauty Queen "Golden Showers" climbing yellow rose. I only wanted one but it was a 2 pk! I tried to sell one to my sister but it was a no-go.

I was at Sam's today stocking up on veggies and cereal for the vultures when I noticed the 2 pks are now down to $6! So I got another. I wanted white but they were looking pretty dead and shriveled up. Therefore I got a pink "Gene Boerner". Pale pink roses on light green foliage. I am VERY excited. I stayed outside until a gigantic mosquito chomped on my ankle.

My computer is infected with a nasty virus. Kurt has been working on it for 3 days now. Apparently 2, 999,999 other people have it too. I feel soooooo special.

Tomorrow is Friday. woo hoo. As if it matters. Hopefully, it'll be nice in the morning and I can garden some more.

We have several upcoming events. We have a garage sale on July 9 and then hopefully we'll have sold enough crap there will be space enough for our LUAU on July 23. Mark your calendars!