Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy 44th Birthday, Kurt!

Today is my honey bunny's actual birthday. We were awake to celebrate at 2:28 a.m. when he came into this world 44 years ago.
We'd just gotten home from a night of sushi, dancing, laughing, and gay karaoke. We had dinner at SoHo with Rikki and Amy then ended up at Karaoke where we ran into Brian. Kurt reluctantly did a shot, but he gladly sang some duets with Amy. Amy only sings karaoke with Kurt so he felt very special!
We slept late, got Alex off to his soccer game, and we finally headed south. We went to an Art in the Park festival which was great! It was a juried show with only 50 artists (one of whom I know!). It was a beautiful blue sky and white puffy cloud Iowa day. We skipped the food stands and ended up at Happy Joe's for sauerkraut and Canadian Bacon pizza and the birthday boy's free Silly Willy Sundae!

Sushi Anyone?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Finally outta the car

VooDoo Hurricane

The Birthday Boy

On the Chicago River

Downtown Chicago

Early Birthday Weekend

I took Kurt to Chicago for an early birthday celebration. I couldn't figure out what to get him and I got my weekly theater email from the Windy City. I saw that CAMELOT was going to be in Chicago thru yesterday. In the back of my mind I recalled Kurt saying that was his favorite musical. I asked if he wanted to go and he said yes.

It was on a 3 week run and it's starring Michael York as Arthur. It was at the newly restored (and renamed) LaSalle Bank Theater. We enjoyed it even though Michael York is a little long in the tooth the be Arthur. I thought he was really overacting. It seemed he thought the way to sound kingly was to drag out all his's Joooooohny type thing. He also threw his arm out in a wide sweeping motion quite often trying to appear regal. I thought maybe I was just being critical but I found a review (after we got home) in one of the magazines I picked up at the hotel and it said the same thing. We had good seats though. We were in the Mezzanine level on the aisle so Kurt was able to stretch out his legs a little. We were just high enough that we could see from the front edge of the stage all the way back. I'm glad I didn't get cheaper tickets than that.

Unfortunately, due to the custody pick up times and soccer it was a flying trip. Saturday morning was parent's night for Alex's soccer. There was a screw up with the scheduled referees so the game was a forfeit. Team members and parents were VERY poor sports about the whole thing. It was shameful. The kids just ended up thrusting the flowers in the parents' hands and stomping off. But we chose to be supportive of Alex and go the event even though it was a last minute reschedule. We didn't leave for Chicago til 1030.

There is construction on the Kennedy Expressway so traffic was awful. We didn't get to the hotel until 430. We stayed at the Hyatt on Wacker. It's right on the river across from the Tribune tower, and the round Marina parking garage towers. We were on the 28th floor. At the ends of the hall there were views of the skyline and Hancock to the north, and Millennium Park and the Art Institute to the south.

We had a fantastic meal at the House of Blues. We shared entrees. Kurt had a catfish, rice and shrimp creole dish while I had ribs with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was incredibly flavorful and yummy.

After the theater we had some coffee and dessert at Stetson's a very nice restaurant in the hotel.
It was 1230 am by the time we got back up to our king size bed.

Sunday morning we had brunch at the hotel, a mini nap, and then headed for home. It was a quick but fun trip!


It's May 14th and it was 94 degrees today! I can't take it! My HAIR was sweating!! I've had 3 showers just to feel human.

I washed all the throw rugs today. That was a filthy ordeal. Now I'm washing the kids' super stinky clothes which is also an ordeal.

My yellow iris are all blooming. They've all fallen over so I cut 5 or 6 stems. It made a pretty arrangement.

Tonight was sports physicals at the middle school from 6-730. It was also Christy's Choir Concert and she had to be at the high school by 630. I had Alex drive himself to soccer practice (watching him back my car out of the garage was frightening). Then I got supper ready by 515. Christy and I went for her physical at 530 (they let the choir kids in early). Kurt and the boys came once Alex had supper. Then Christy and I came home and found something for her to wear to the concert. Then we went to the high school while the boys got their physicals. I then saved 3 seats at the concert (which, of course, made me VERY popular).

The guys arrived, we sat thru the 5th grade, a surprise quartet, the 6th grade (Christy sounded good) and a Soprano duet. There were around 500 ppl in the 90 degree gym. It was awesome. Then while they were changing sets, Kurt, Nick, Christy and I came home (via the DQ) while Alex stayed to hear Amber sing. He's driving Kurt's car home. Oh, he and Amber dyed the bottom half of their hair black.

So there you have a typical day at our house.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Summ Summ Summertime!

The weather this week has been lovely! I've gardened (some). I see I've some yellow iris blooming. A French or Fernleaf Peony that I got from my great aunt Betty made it through the winter (and my lack of attention last summer). Because of our April snowstorm my tulips weren't worth a crap this year.

I bribed Alex into mowing the lawn the other day so Kurt doesn't have to deal with it. He wanted to know if he could go to his gf's and I in sneaky mother fashion said, "after you mow the lawn." He passed his driver's test on Wednesday which is good but scary!

We got Christy signed up for Horse Camp. She's excited to go. She and I went shopping for shorts, shirts, and bras for her last night. We had supper at Fazoli's (we spent more on clothes than I anticipated). She is NOT a fan of white sauce. Her face when she tried Fettuccine Alfredo was priceless! I bought a pair of Doc sandals from Rikki for $20.

We're trying to find a camp or something to do with Nicky this summer, but so far he's got little interest. He may get assigned something.

In July Kurt and I are going to Canada/New York state/Connecticut for vacation. We're doing Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes, the Hudson River Valley, and Mystic. Then we are coming back through Utica so he can do some work. I'm so excited! I found a place where we can go to a Lobster and seafood boil in some little coastal town in CT. Before we decided on a day or 2 in CT we thought we might take the train into NYC for overnight. We thought about it though, and an overnight would be expensive and probably frustrating since we'd barely have time to do anything.

I start summer school on Monday for 3 weeks. I got my grades. Not too hot, but I did pass accounting so I'll still be graduating in December. Besides accounting I got an A, a B+, a B, and a C-. Nineteen hours may have been overly ambitious!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

California - The Wrap Up

******I've been too busy with school and everyone here at home to have time to blog. Here are the details of my Spring Break trip to California******

So it's been almost 2 months already. I may as well get this trip wrapped up! Another reason this hasn't been done in a timely manner is I shot actually film on the trip and when I turned it in, I forgot to mark "CD" on the envelope so I have no way to post photos.

Wednesday the Aunt stayed home from work because she had a doctor appointment (and because I was there). We got a lot of cleaning done. I made many trips to Goodwill which was conveniently located a couple of blocks away. We took a load of books, magazines, and catalogs to the library. We flew to the library the next town over. We thought it was closing at 5, but once we got there we discovered it was now open until 7. The aunt's IMT appointment for Thursday in Monterey had cancelled so she decided to go whale watching with me. We printed out her ticket at the library.

We got home very, very late and we were quite tired. We had to leave for the coast at 6 am. I started to flick dirt, cat hair, etc off my sleeping mat. As I grasped the sheet I put my hand in wet. THE CAT HAS PISSED ON MY BED. The aunt didn't believe me! "He doesn't do that". Well he did. I freaked out.

"I've had it! Where's the nearest hotel?"

She started laughing. "You can have the bed."

"I don't know that the cat didn't piss in it! I'm outta here!"

I packed up, went online, and got myself a room at the Super8. I spent 2 nights there and the next three in a Courtyard by Marriott (great deal on hotwire).

I called my husband crying to see if we had enough money for me to spend 5 nights in a hotel. So much for my cheap vacation. Graciously, the aunt paid for half my hotel bill.

Staying in the hotel improved my vacation a lot!

She let me take the car for the reminder of the vacation. I would drive her to and from work each day then I could "buzz around" in it the rest of the day.

Thursday morning I picked her up early and we headed to the coast. It was a pretty drive. We went through orchards, strawberry fields, and artichoke fields. The sight of the ocean really takes my breath away. I forgot how white the sand is in Monterey. We had a yummy breakfast then walked down the wharf to board the whale watching boat. I took some Dramamine. It was a beautiful sunny day. The guide chick said yesterday was an amazing whale day (it must go every other day lol).

Now, I'm a landlocked Iowa girl. I had no idea what the hell i was looking for! Eventually, I figured out it was the plume/mist that comes up when the blow out their blowhole. I also finally managed to see the tops of their heads/back when then surface. It was pretty cool, but a little disappointing. I have to say that the discovery channel ruined whale watching for me! You become accustomed to seeing the animals so very close up due to the amazing lenses. Toward the end of the trip we saw an albatross and finally a FLUKE! I even managed to catch it on film! We were (supposedly) between 2 pods of whales so we stayed out a while longer than scheduled. We ended up getting about 45 minutes extra of cruise time. On the way in we saw sea otters and of course, seals. I want to do it again!

We had a great seafood lunch overlooking the bay and headed back to Modesto.

Friday, the Aunt went back to work. I did some cleaning and hung out at the hotel in the hot tub.

Saturday we did some more sorting and I got to go to Trader Joe's. What a disappointment. A bad thing happened, too. The cat was sick. We took him to the vet hospital where we had to wait a very long time. He had renal failure and possibly a polyp between his ear and nose. We left him there getting IV's and fluids.

Sunday, we drove to the mountains to have brunch with Pat. It was nice to see her again. She had come to Iowa with the aunt years ago. She is an art teacher. She has a pretty little house. The air was clear and crisp. Her daffodils were in bloom. We drove up to about 5, 000 feet to discover the brunch place is no more. I really enjoyed the scenery. We drove back down the mountain and had brunch at the casino. It was a nice day.

Monday morning I took the Aunt to school then I went and picked up the cat. I took him to the regular vet and left him there. The Aunt and the vet would decide later what to do. Ultimately, she had to have Jazz put to sleep.

I took myself to the airport. My suitcase was overweight, but the guy let me go with out paying the extra baggage charge. My flights home were good and my husband was glad to see me.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I scrapped with the old ladies at PH yesterday. I was the "Hobby Share" speaker. I had 8 or 9 participate which is a huge turnout. I took the 5x7 photo folders I was supposed to return to Brian and had them cover it with paper. Then they had either photo's of themselves from their Mardi Gras party, or of their grandkids and ggrandkids. They picked out a friend or love vellum which I attached with brads and then they added stickers and embellishments. They really, really enjoyed it. More of them wandered in as the activity wore on so I barely made it out of there in time to leave for my study group. They want me to come back and show them something else!