Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy 44th Birthday, Kurt!

Today is my honey bunny's actual birthday. We were awake to celebrate at 2:28 a.m. when he came into this world 44 years ago.
We'd just gotten home from a night of sushi, dancing, laughing, and gay karaoke. We had dinner at SoHo with Rikki and Amy then ended up at Karaoke where we ran into Brian. Kurt reluctantly did a shot, but he gladly sang some duets with Amy. Amy only sings karaoke with Kurt so he felt very special!
We slept late, got Alex off to his soccer game, and we finally headed south. We went to an Art in the Park festival which was great! It was a juried show with only 50 artists (one of whom I know!). It was a beautiful blue sky and white puffy cloud Iowa day. We skipped the food stands and ended up at Happy Joe's for sauerkraut and Canadian Bacon pizza and the birthday boy's free Silly Willy Sundae!

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