Monday, May 14, 2007

Early Birthday Weekend

I took Kurt to Chicago for an early birthday celebration. I couldn't figure out what to get him and I got my weekly theater email from the Windy City. I saw that CAMELOT was going to be in Chicago thru yesterday. In the back of my mind I recalled Kurt saying that was his favorite musical. I asked if he wanted to go and he said yes.

It was on a 3 week run and it's starring Michael York as Arthur. It was at the newly restored (and renamed) LaSalle Bank Theater. We enjoyed it even though Michael York is a little long in the tooth the be Arthur. I thought he was really overacting. It seemed he thought the way to sound kingly was to drag out all his's Joooooohny type thing. He also threw his arm out in a wide sweeping motion quite often trying to appear regal. I thought maybe I was just being critical but I found a review (after we got home) in one of the magazines I picked up at the hotel and it said the same thing. We had good seats though. We were in the Mezzanine level on the aisle so Kurt was able to stretch out his legs a little. We were just high enough that we could see from the front edge of the stage all the way back. I'm glad I didn't get cheaper tickets than that.

Unfortunately, due to the custody pick up times and soccer it was a flying trip. Saturday morning was parent's night for Alex's soccer. There was a screw up with the scheduled referees so the game was a forfeit. Team members and parents were VERY poor sports about the whole thing. It was shameful. The kids just ended up thrusting the flowers in the parents' hands and stomping off. But we chose to be supportive of Alex and go the event even though it was a last minute reschedule. We didn't leave for Chicago til 1030.

There is construction on the Kennedy Expressway so traffic was awful. We didn't get to the hotel until 430. We stayed at the Hyatt on Wacker. It's right on the river across from the Tribune tower, and the round Marina parking garage towers. We were on the 28th floor. At the ends of the hall there were views of the skyline and Hancock to the north, and Millennium Park and the Art Institute to the south.

We had a fantastic meal at the House of Blues. We shared entrees. Kurt had a catfish, rice and shrimp creole dish while I had ribs with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was incredibly flavorful and yummy.

After the theater we had some coffee and dessert at Stetson's a very nice restaurant in the hotel.
It was 1230 am by the time we got back up to our king size bed.

Sunday morning we had brunch at the hotel, a mini nap, and then headed for home. It was a quick but fun trip!

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