Monday, May 14, 2007


It's May 14th and it was 94 degrees today! I can't take it! My HAIR was sweating!! I've had 3 showers just to feel human.

I washed all the throw rugs today. That was a filthy ordeal. Now I'm washing the kids' super stinky clothes which is also an ordeal.

My yellow iris are all blooming. They've all fallen over so I cut 5 or 6 stems. It made a pretty arrangement.

Tonight was sports physicals at the middle school from 6-730. It was also Christy's Choir Concert and she had to be at the high school by 630. I had Alex drive himself to soccer practice (watching him back my car out of the garage was frightening). Then I got supper ready by 515. Christy and I went for her physical at 530 (they let the choir kids in early). Kurt and the boys came once Alex had supper. Then Christy and I came home and found something for her to wear to the concert. Then we went to the high school while the boys got their physicals. I then saved 3 seats at the concert (which, of course, made me VERY popular).

The guys arrived, we sat thru the 5th grade, a surprise quartet, the 6th grade (Christy sounded good) and a Soprano duet. There were around 500 ppl in the 90 degree gym. It was awesome. Then while they were changing sets, Kurt, Nick, Christy and I came home (via the DQ) while Alex stayed to hear Amber sing. He's driving Kurt's car home. Oh, he and Amber dyed the bottom half of their hair black.

So there you have a typical day at our house.

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