Friday, May 11, 2007

Summ Summ Summertime!

The weather this week has been lovely! I've gardened (some). I see I've some yellow iris blooming. A French or Fernleaf Peony that I got from my great aunt Betty made it through the winter (and my lack of attention last summer). Because of our April snowstorm my tulips weren't worth a crap this year.

I bribed Alex into mowing the lawn the other day so Kurt doesn't have to deal with it. He wanted to know if he could go to his gf's and I in sneaky mother fashion said, "after you mow the lawn." He passed his driver's test on Wednesday which is good but scary!

We got Christy signed up for Horse Camp. She's excited to go. She and I went shopping for shorts, shirts, and bras for her last night. We had supper at Fazoli's (we spent more on clothes than I anticipated). She is NOT a fan of white sauce. Her face when she tried Fettuccine Alfredo was priceless! I bought a pair of Doc sandals from Rikki for $20.

We're trying to find a camp or something to do with Nicky this summer, but so far he's got little interest. He may get assigned something.

In July Kurt and I are going to Canada/New York state/Connecticut for vacation. We're doing Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes, the Hudson River Valley, and Mystic. Then we are coming back through Utica so he can do some work. I'm so excited! I found a place where we can go to a Lobster and seafood boil in some little coastal town in CT. Before we decided on a day or 2 in CT we thought we might take the train into NYC for overnight. We thought about it though, and an overnight would be expensive and probably frustrating since we'd barely have time to do anything.

I start summer school on Monday for 3 weeks. I got my grades. Not too hot, but I did pass accounting so I'll still be graduating in December. Besides accounting I got an A, a B+, a B, and a C-. Nineteen hours may have been overly ambitious!


Rachel said...

Your summer vacation sounds wonderful! Good job on school. You are hanging tough! Thank you for the birthday card too!

Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day Heather!!!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Look like perfectly fine grades to me!