Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Trophy Wife

I played at being a trophy wife (some prize, I know) last night. We got invited to a holiday cocktail party at Kurt's boss's house. Kurt thought it would mostly be people at his level and above. We're talking Directors, VP's and people who have 3 letter titles like CIO, and CFO. Keep in mind some of these people are the ones who told me and my former employees that they weren't closing our site, we wouldn't lose our jobs, and other assorted untrue BS. (Note...I am FINE with losing my job! I was hoping for it, but most of my team member desperately needed their job).

Anyway, it was a very nice time. Good food, good margaritas, and very nice people. The ones who had lied to me didn't remember me. I answered questions about my time with the company in a positive manner, I kept my snorts of disbelief in check, and I didn't drink as much as I wanted. I even wore pantyhose...and you all know how much I hate that!

Game Night

Thursday night we went to supper at Kevin and Theresa's place. They have two kids, Ella and Austin, who are are 3rd and 1st grades. We haven't seen them since the wedding in June. Scheduling is just too difficult most of the time.

We played games with the kids and tried to visit. We got in UNO, checkers, Trouble, and Battleship. We also managed to wolf down two pizzas and catch up a little.

It wasn't the evening we thought it would be, but it was still fun.

A Cheap Date

Kurt and I went out on Wednesday night. We'd heard there was good food one town over. I wanted some MEAT! We arrived and there were two bars with equal amounts of cars in front of them. We decided to go with the one that looked newer. It was mostly a bar. They had 6 plasma screens and lots of college kids home from Christmas. The air was smokey and the menu was disappointing. It was mostly sandwiches. NOT what I had in mind. We ordered a couple of beers and some cheese fries. Both of them were disappointing as well.

We decided to try the place down the street for dinner. It to was a bar, but looked like it had a separate dining room. When we entered we ran smack into a bride. It brought back memories of being a wedding photographer. (It also reaffirmed my belief that I made the right decision to quit the biz). Kurt and I made our way to the "dining" side of the bar and got menus. There was an empty salad bar against one wall so I started to lose hope. The waitress said we could order anything off the menu. Kurt and I each got a 6 0z Sirloin which came with salad, a baked potato, and a roll. He got a beer and I had soda. It was DELICIOUS!! Our bill came to....gotta love smalltown Iowa....$17.12.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Out with the Old

Kurt and I have WAY too much stuff. I'm not kidding. We have 100...that's right...100 rubbermaids! We liberated 3 of them tonight (but filled up another two). We managed to throw out alot of computer parts, outdated records etc. I have another 3 boxes to go to Goodwill. They LOVE me.

Marnie and I had a great time in the Twin Cities. We saw White Christmas at the Ordway. We had fantastic seats. We were in the last row of the Mezzazine level. We were actually the two seats closest to the aisle. We were seated in side chairs/arm chairs! It was great! Our buckets fit and we could push the chairs back so we didn't have to stand up for people to go in and out. Plus we could stretch out our legs and had room on each side of us.

David Odgen Steirs (Winchester from M*A*S*H) was playing General Waverly. I think I recognized the lady that was the housekeeper, too. I can't remember her name offhand. We took the skywalk to the theater. It took us 35 minutes to get there! After the show we chose to walk outside. We were in the room and in our jammies in 10 minutes!

Wednesday morning we had the 99 cent breakfast at IKEA and then shopped. Not my cup of tea. It's a huge warehouse of a store. They did have some good prices on somethings though. The one thing I really liked was a double porcelain (sp) sink.

Today was the kids' last day of school. I'm taking them shopping tomorrow. Pray for me.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Vacation

My Christmas Vacation...I mean Holiday off to a roaring start. Christy woke up with the flu this morning. Luckily, Kurt dealt with it for the most part. I took Nick and Alex to the dentist this afternoon. I did make some Puppy Chow. I'm in the mood to bake but don't know if I will.

I don't have to go back to school until January 8th. I bet it will go really fast and I won't get half the things done I want to get done.

I need a good book to read. Anyone have any suggestions? I just reread A Year in Provence for bookclub. I realized though that I won't be able to go because my sister and I are going to the Twin Cities to see White Christmas at the Ordway. It's my Christmas present to her. "Sisters, Sisters...there were never such devoted Sisters!" Maybe we will wear blue dresses!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So Sad

I realize I haven't been a parent for very long, but some people's parenting style appalls me! Christy had a friend come over after school. That in itself is great. I'm glad she's making friends and wants to socialize. Of course, Christy still doesn't know our phone number so she couldn't give it to the girl's parents so they could call us to check us out (which I will require before Christy goes over there).

They walked here after school, had a snack, and got to the playing. I asked Christy when the girl had to be home and what her last name was. She said "I don't know" and "I"ll ask" to both the questions.

As it was getting darker I went down and asked the girl what time she had to be home. She said, "My mom doesn't care. Whenever. I should probably be home before it's too dark though." Well it's winter in Iowa. It was already 5 o'clock and pitch dark. Now keep in mind the girl's mom has virtually NO idea where her 11 year old daughter is, when she'll be back, and whether or not there are any adults present! Once it hit 5:30 I had Alex and Christy walk her home. Christy asked if she could come over again tomorrow. I wonder what the family situation is at that house.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crisis Averted

I was FORCED to switch to Beta Blogger. I'd heard so many horror stories of lost archives I didn't want to do it. One day I went to sign in and it said I had to change so I said FINE. Today, I try to log in to dash off a quick post and I can't. I can't find my password. Amazingly it was very easy to reset.

The semester is winding down. I have a test tomorrow and a final on Thursday. I also get a take home final tomorrow. My final final is on Monday. I tried to sell back my Accounting book yesterday. A new edition has been picked up. It isn't worth a thin dime now. You do have to love the continued screwing of the college student.

For some reason 9 x out of 10 I can't answer my cell phone without hanging up on the caller. Evidently, a flip phone is too complicated for me!