Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Trophy Wife

I played at being a trophy wife (some prize, I know) last night. We got invited to a holiday cocktail party at Kurt's boss's house. Kurt thought it would mostly be people at his level and above. We're talking Directors, VP's and people who have 3 letter titles like CIO, and CFO. Keep in mind some of these people are the ones who told me and my former employees that they weren't closing our site, we wouldn't lose our jobs, and other assorted untrue BS. (Note...I am FINE with losing my job! I was hoping for it, but most of my team member desperately needed their job).

Anyway, it was a very nice time. Good food, good margaritas, and very nice people. The ones who had lied to me didn't remember me. I answered questions about my time with the company in a positive manner, I kept my snorts of disbelief in check, and I didn't drink as much as I wanted. I even wore pantyhose...and you all know how much I hate that!

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