Thursday, January 04, 2007

The End

The end of my vacation is almost here. I go back to school on Monday. I bought books for 3 of 5 classes. So far it's $322! All used. Again I reiterate that we are getting screwed. One of my teachers has even sent out email already. The kids are back from six days at the farm so we've been trying to readjust to routines. They go back for the weekend tomorrow night though so this weeks pretty much a loss.

For the past few days I've been sucked into America's Next Top Model marathon on VH-1. I'm doing dishes and laundry, too.

Yesterday, Mom and Aunt Jan and I went to town. We bought material for drapes for the living room (finally). Mom's going to sew them for me. We got a 50% off dark blue jacquard. Hopefully we can make them some weekend this month.

Kurt and I are getting away this weekend. He got a "night on the town" bonus from work so we are going to a bed and breakfast for 2 nights. It should be great. It's way out in the country with no phone, no tv, no internet (honey, I might not have mentioned that before...oops!)

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Todd in H.K. (formerly Mr. H.K.) said...

Those text books are a MAJOR racket!

Have a great getaway!