Monday, January 22, 2007

Blaming Others

I've really had it with people that don't take any personal responsibility for the problems in their lives. My ex husband blamed his father for everything that ever happened to him. Admittedly, his father was a bastard and his mother was no prize either, but at what point do you start moving beyond it? Are you always going to "live" your life as a victim? Or put off living because of what you say has been done to you? We watched Walk the Line last night. For most of the movie Johnny Cash was blaming his drugs, drinking etc on how his father treated him as a child (and adult). By the end though, Cash seems to have made his peace and moved on.

We deal with this on a daily basis. We erroneously get blamed for situations of which we aren't a part. I'm really over the victim mentality. Everyone has a personal responsibility for the situations in their lives. You can bitch and moan about it or you can work through it, move on, and get a life.

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Rachel said...

Amen sister!