Monday, January 15, 2007

A New Day

It's a new day here (and everywhere else, I'm sure). My mom always gets depressed on Sundays. I was having that same problem yesterday. A good cry, some cuddles, and a trip to Barnes and Noble took care of that though. The fact that the kids were pleasant when they got here helped, too.

I'm off for MLK day. Despite the snow the kids only had a 2 hour delay so all is right with the world. I'm only doing light homework so that I can enjoy myself. I took another load to Goodwill, visited my Aunt Donna, and took stuff back to Wal-Mart. I used the money (and the gift card I had from Christmas returns) to get a BMI, water weight, and regular weight scale. Kurt and I are on a mission to eat better, weigh less and improve our health. We need to live a long life.

Saturday my sainted mother came over and made us curtains for our gigantic living room windows. Four windows took 14 yards of material. It took all day. She did a great job and we really appreciate it. We can watch TV during the day without a glare AND it looks like we actually live here rather than are transients.

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