Thursday, October 29, 2009

West Ward Ho - Conclusion

Where in the World is Wall Drug? Right where it's always been on I-90. It was fun to poke around.

I remember this Jackalope being HUGE...I must have been tiny!

The World's ONe and only Corn Palace! Can't drive through South Dakota without subjecting the kids to the rite of passage! It was raining so I only have a shot from inside.

Who can forget the Badlands?

Thus concludes our trip. we drove 4, 000+ miles. We spent the night in Sioux Falls with Grandpa and Grandpa and then headed for home sweet home...where a happy puppy and piles and piles of laundry awaited!

West Ward Ho X

These guys don't change much!
The visitor's center and flags are new since...hmm....1980? I think that's when I was last there!

Bear Country USA is much improved!

Christy carrying on the family tradition!

One last Elk for the road!

West Ward Ho IX (i dont' think that's the right # for 9)

I've always wanted to go to Devil's Tower!

It's just a big rock but it's pretty awesome!

We hiked all around the base of it.

West Ward Ho VIII

We drove down through the Grand Tetons and spent the night near Jackson Hole. However the mountains were shrouded in clouds so we didn't get to see the spectacular views.

This cutie was at our resort. His little tushie and feet were sticking out the other side!

We drove through snow at 9,000 feet on June 7th!!

The balsam root was everywhere! Bears like to eat its roots.

West Ward Ho VII

Mammoth Hot Springs was about the last thing we visited in Yellowstone. It was totally surreal!

This is another of the pools near Old Faithful.

West Ward Ho VI

At Castle Geyser. It erupted almost continuously.

One of the many plentiful boiling pools

The bald eggs were nesting

She was crying for her baby (notice it in the hot spring)

West Thumb of the Yellowstone Lake and an Elk in the Mist

West Ward HO ....Where were we?

The Falls at Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (looks fake doesn't it?)

Bison are everywhere!!

The only traffic jam we were in for the entire trip. It lasted about 45 min and hundreds of bulls, cows, and calves went by!

Grazing in fresh green meadow. The sun even came out for a bit!

Castle Geyer near Old Faithful.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I passed my licensing exam today!

I am a licensensed nursing home administrator!

I am soooooo relieved!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

National Equality March

We spent the weekend in Washington, D.C. where we took part in the National Equality March. We flew to DC with our friend Rikki, Amy, and Sherry. Randi and Matt also joined us. It was one of the coolest, most meaningful experiences of my life. I'm so proud to have been a part of it. We all must continue the fight so that ALL people are treated equally EVERYWHERE.

John Oliver from the Daily Show was there. The segment aired last night Oct 13th.

We marched from the White House to the Capitol.

Here's our Iowa group!

There were so many great signs! There were only a few haters along the way and we peacefully and respectfully drowned them out!

Heading up Pennslyvania Avenue. The estimate of the crowd was 200,000!

We marched right past the White House.

To learn more to donate or to learn how to lobby for equal rights check on on the web or on Facebook.