Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Cheap Date

Kurt and I went out on Wednesday night. We'd heard there was good food one town over. I wanted some MEAT! We arrived and there were two bars with equal amounts of cars in front of them. We decided to go with the one that looked newer. It was mostly a bar. They had 6 plasma screens and lots of college kids home from Christmas. The air was smokey and the menu was disappointing. It was mostly sandwiches. NOT what I had in mind. We ordered a couple of beers and some cheese fries. Both of them were disappointing as well.

We decided to try the place down the street for dinner. It to was a bar, but looked like it had a separate dining room. When we entered we ran smack into a bride. It brought back memories of being a wedding photographer. (It also reaffirmed my belief that I made the right decision to quit the biz). Kurt and I made our way to the "dining" side of the bar and got menus. There was an empty salad bar against one wall so I started to lose hope. The waitress said we could order anything off the menu. Kurt and I each got a 6 0z Sirloin which came with salad, a baked potato, and a roll. He got a beer and I had soda. It was DELICIOUS!! Our bill came to....gotta love smalltown Iowa....$17.12.

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