Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crisis Averted

I was FORCED to switch to Beta Blogger. I'd heard so many horror stories of lost archives I didn't want to do it. One day I went to sign in and it said I had to change so I said FINE. Today, I try to log in to dash off a quick post and I can't. I can't find my password. Amazingly it was very easy to reset.

The semester is winding down. I have a test tomorrow and a final on Thursday. I also get a take home final tomorrow. My final final is on Monday. I tried to sell back my Accounting book yesterday. A new edition has been picked up. It isn't worth a thin dime now. You do have to love the continued screwing of the college student.

For some reason 9 x out of 10 I can't answer my cell phone without hanging up on the caller. Evidently, a flip phone is too complicated for me!

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