Sunday, March 21, 2010


In February, I saw in the paper that there was T shirt quilting class being taught nearby. I've always wanted to make one out of my high school and concert tshirts! I thought it would be perfect for Rikki and me to do!

It was to held for 4 consecutive monday nights. We'll we had shitty weather so by the 4th and final Monday we'd only had two classes! Rikki and I ended up going for two entire saturdays as well and we still aren't done.

Turns out I didn't have as many tshirts as I thought either. I had to buy and create additional shirts to get to the 15 that I needed.

Here's a layout of my shirts once I got them cut and fused.

Here's a shot of me working on my "fatties" which is a tshirt attached to a piece of sashing and repeat!

Et Voila! It's my quilt top assembled with the fatties, skinnies, cornerstones and one of the borders.

I've now added a second wider border and it's ready to be backed and quilted! I'm having the quilting done (or I will). Once it's quilted I'll have to take another class to learn how to do the binding.

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