Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!

Yesterday was Kurt's birthday. It was also his first day of unemployment. (He starts the new job on Monday). I had to work so he was going to spend the day watching Sci-Fi. Sunday we are having his family party since I have the day off.

Thursday night was his going away party from RSM. I went down for it. We had a fantastically fun time and then went to Texas Roadhouse. Delish! Neither of us slept well when we got home. We were both up around 4:15 am so I asked if he wanted to open his birthday presents. He did. He liked them. I got him Freakonomics by Stephen Levy and the 2006 Commerative Stamp Collection book.

I went to work. He came up and got me for supper and then we went to the DaVinci Code. I thought it was fun and thrilling in spots. The theater has been redone. The seats are AWFUL. They are like those video recliners you see in the stores. We were so very uncomfortable.

Happy birthday honey bunny. I love you.

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