Monday, July 31, 2006

I LOVE giving stuff away!

My new favorite website is! In the last week we have gotten rid of storm windows, a bookshelf, and dum dum da dum.....the piano!! It's fantastic. I recommend it to each and everyone!

I went to DSM on Sunday afternoon. Marn and I went and "scrapped" today. (We also got some scrappin' in last night while baby boo was napping). I got 13 pages done and I only spent 8.75 at the store. We had breakfast this morning at HY-VEE. It was like a retirement community in there. Wall to wall old people. I have seen my future and it looks like Hy-Vee at 9 am!

My plans for tomorrow are: go to the library and wait for my mom to come pick up the pickle crocks. That's it. :)

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