Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Little Behind

We've had too much going on for me to take time to blog. I've got tests in all my classes this Friday, OCTOBER 13TH! All the profs said they were sorry, but I don't think they meant it. So here's what's been happening around here:

  • Fred came for last weekend. We haven't seen him since June.
  • All the kids went to a hayride and weinie roast last Saturday. The 70 degree weather was perfect for it!
  • We all went to see Antigone at Theater UNI. It was a modern adaptation and very well done. Christy especially liked it.
  • We had $1 sundaes at McDonald's afterward
  • Conference cross country is tomorrow afternoon. I baked 2 doz brownies and am prepared to work in the concessions stand
  • Kurt and I had our first big fight. It was a DOOZIE!
  • My printer least the portion that prints black ink. Thought it was a bad cartridge. So now I have $70 worth of ink and no printer it will work in. Joy.
  • My severance ran out and I'm officially on the dole
  • My car needs $2200 in repairs
  • I have a math test due Friday, too
  • It's snowing outside!

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