Monday, February 26, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend

Despite the awful weather in Iowa, it was a wonderful weekend. I got to spend 48 uninterrupted hours with my husband. I didn't have a headache and I didn't have to get dressed.

Kurt and I were/are REALLY lucky. Our little town was spared the damage that is all around us. We got about 3/4" of ice and then a few inches of snow on top of that. We never lost power. My dad was without for several hours and my grandpa was without for a couple of days. I finally got him convinced to come stay with us. He is almost 92 and is out in the country on the farm. I called yesterday at 5pm to check on him. He'd been without power since 11 pm the Saturday night. He said he was plenty warm and had enough to eat. At 6 the phone rang and he asked if my offer to come get him was still good. He said, "it's getting a mite chilly." I was very relieved he came over and accepted our help. There is a long 4' drift in front of his garage so he wasn't going to be going anywhere. He is one of 2300 people with out power on his electric co-op. We went over at 1 today to empty out the fridge. Five minutes after we arrived the juice came back on, so I left him there. Of course he slipped me a little something for helping him out. It will be nice to sleep in our own bed again tonight.

We left the kids at their mother's since some of the roads were closed by the high way patrol. Alex was mad because he wanted to see his girlfriend. He actually was mad when he left on Friday because he claimed he had homework and needed to use the computer. Upon further investigation it was because he wanted to see his girlfriend. I'll be lucky if I don't end up with an illegitimate step grand kid. Ugh. Kurt went up and got them today. Hopefully, they'll have school tomorrow.

I hope everyone is safe and warm and not sitting in the dark.

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