Thursday, July 10, 2008


Saturday night Kurt and I made quick and dirty trip to Madison. We didn't get left until after 10pm so it was well after 1 am when we got to the hotel. An IT guy from Green Bay was meeting us outside of Madison so Kurt could give him one of the servers they need to move out of the flood building. Meeting us cut the trip in half so that was great. My good friend, Korrena, moved to Madison a couple of years ago. It's hard to justify many trips up there with the price of gas (also with both of our packed schedules). Sunday afternoon we went out to their house. It's on a dead-end road in the country. They have have a great, shady yard with views of trees and open pasture. They see lots of wildlife like deer and wild turkeys. She and Jacob have 2 kids (and a third on the way). Sam is 5 and Alytha is 3. We decided to spend the afternoon hanging out at the zoo. Madison has a decent sized zoo which is completely free. They go there a lot. Enough that the kids know what order the animal enclosures are in.

I got some cotton candy. It was HUGE. Kurt said the guy making it and the guy next to him were having a contest to see who could make the biggest cone. My guy won. (The picture of it is out of order at the bottom).

Miss Alytha loving the sugar that her momma doesn't normally let her have.

Sticky and Sweet!

March of the Penguins

Two chimps - which one is out of it's cage?

The is the funny looking Tapir. That is a scientific description courtesy of Sam.

I bought the kids some goat food.

Korrena, me, and the winning cotton candy.

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