Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too Much Food - Just Enough Wine

Saturday night we had a party for my birthday. Rikki suggested it. She and I cooked up a storm! The theme was wine and cheese :)

I made some South Beach friendly shrimp dip. You use blended up cottage cheese instead of sour cream. It also has cream cheese, peppers and shrimp and a couple of other things. Kurt had veggies to dip in it.We also had Irish blarney cheese, goat cheese mozzarella, gouda and camenbert with crackers and french bread. We made some party ryes with parsley dill spread with ham on top. I made baked crab rangoons and scotcheroos. Brian brought chili, dried beef dip and another dip. We also had some other kind of dip I can' t remember and little smokies. There was also bacon wrapped Asparagus, and bacon cheddar puffs. Rikki was gonna make beer cheese fondue but once we got everything set out she decided against it.

I ordered filled cupcakes which was a crock of sh*t. She didn't fill them she cut them in half and put the filling on sandwich style. I was (and am) p.o.'d. Luckily Rikki made a tartufo. It was an Italian style ice cream cake. She layered Chocolate French Silk and vanilla ice cream with crushed oreos, caramel, and marshmallow cream. The whole thing was encased in chocolate ganache. It was OMG good!

We had 11 people counting us. The last guest left around 12:30 a.m. which is late for us! I shipped the leftovers to the kids and to Kurt's Thanksgiving potluck at work.I love to get out my crystal, depression glass and other pretties and entertain!

Blogger didn't put my pics in the order I wanted and we're leaving and I don't have time to fix it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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