Saturday, March 07, 2009

On the road again

March 5

we drove to Oklahoma city today. It was kind of a long day with over 700 miles. The flint hills in Kansas were pretty at dusk. We're listening to Moby Dick on cd. It's funny! I cannot imagine actually reading it!

We had dinner just north of the Oklahoma state line in Mulvene, KS. We ate at a little diner called “Laurie's”. It was very homey. Kurt had chicken fried steak, I had ham steak and we both had yummy green beans. It was our waitress's birthday so she was handing out cupcakes. They were great! It was the kind of cupcakes I wanted for my birthday!

There is green grass and blooming trees that are leafing out here in OKC. There really appears to be a lot to see and do here. I was amazed.

Since work is paying for the hotels we're in a Marriott. Nice bed and good A/C! The hotel is full of cowboys sporting big belts, tight jeans, big hats and spurs. It's something nice to look at after a day of driving through Kansas – which could well be the Nebraska of the South!

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