Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Back!

The test is over (for now). I did not pass. (Sounds so much better than failed right?) I got 109. I needed 113. I'm going to concentrate on other things for a while then start studying again and reapply to take the test.

The other things - well the main other thing - is adoption. Kurt and I have decided to adopt an infant domestically. We've started the homestudy process and are working on the "Dear Birthmother/ Birth Parents letter" and our profile book.

It's like the plague house around here. Three out of four of us are sick. Only the dog and christy have escaped. Nick has Flu A - I'm getting over sinus infection - Kurt has something in between. I've washed in hot water, I've covered everything in Lysol and bleach wipes, and we've drained many a bottle of juice and of cold stuff. It stinks!

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