Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whatever Works

Kurt and I watched Woody Allen's Whatever Works today with Larry David. I loved it! It has my two new favorite movie quotes. Kurt says Larry makes him nervous (he said that when we watched Curb, too). I smiled through the whole thing. It reminded me that we need to get the next season of Curb that we need to watch.

Yesterday we when bowling for someting different to do. It wasn't as fun as I would have hoped. I whacked the ball into my knee on one of the releases, my underwire was poking me in the upper arm (now i have a bruise), and our lane didn't work well so I ended up getting screwed out of a frame.

I've made some kick butt chicken and noodles for supper. I used no yolks to keep it healthy (ha!).

We're doing Lighten up Iowa again. One week is down and I'm down 2#. Yesterday it seems like all we did was eat.

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itsallgroovy said... made me cry watching this video! You rock for sharing it!
p.s. your Postcard is going out tomorrow!