Monday, June 28, 2010

CA Trip I

Mom and I drove to California in the beginning of June for a family reunion. We went out through, Missouri, Kansas, Southern Colorado, S Utah and S Nevada entering California around Mono Lake and Yosemite. We came home on I-80This pictures are in random blogger-ific order.

This is Amelia Earhart's birthplace on the Missouri River is Kansas.

The Modesto, CA Farmer's market was a riot of sweet cherries and rainier cherries. Cheap and Delicious!

Yosemite is still magnificant and awe-inspiring! This is from Olmstead Point:

The Garden of the Gods is pretty spectacular too!

With the snow melt Yosemite had very full waterfalls and water flowing everywhere.

This is Upper and lower Yosemite Falls from the valley floor.


KT said...

We are HUGE national park visitors and one of my favorite parks is Yosemite. We had a magnificent two days in the valley staying at the lodge...I wouldn't give those days back for anything. We did two spectacular day hikes...I can't wait to go back and trek to the top of half dome!

I so often wonder why we live in Illinois!

teahouse said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Glad you had a good trip and that the weather cooperated.