Thursday, July 14, 2005


We seemed to have hit the summer doldrums here. I'm scared to go outside because the mosquitos have a feeding frenzy around me. You can literally see them swarm anytime I step foot out of the house. Last week one bit me on my eyelid...MY EYELID!!! It swelled and swelled. Lovely.

Yesterday Kurt, Alex, and the PP toured a high school. Kurt said it went pretty well. I looked at the course catalog. Pretty impressive. I would think Alex would be plotting out which classes he could take while at the same time realizing the PP's totally deficient and grammatically incorrect plan is below subpar. Tomorrow, he and Kurt are touring a high school here in town. I may go along, too.

We drove Christy by a new elementary here in town on Sunday. She was pretty excited (not by anything that would actually help her get educated but we will take what we can get). I told her all she has to do is say, "Mom, I want to go to school". If only it were that simple.

Fred continues to be a pain. Kurt actually had a conversation with him though so that is progress too. Hopefully, the two of them are going to a Sci-Fi book club at Barnes and Noble tonite. The PP hadn't made up her mind if that were to be allowed yet. UGH. I pointed out that Fred doesn't need her permission he is after all 18. Kurt agreed it was a good point. I don't know if he has "processed" beyond that or not.

Nicky is going to have to be our next project. I need to figure out which school he would go to here and where it is. I think being on a swim team may be the way to go with him. It requires more thought.

The Aunt is here from CA and her friend Maria is here from LaCrosse and Guatemala. I had a morning of lunch, shopping, and debating the cosmos with them on Tuesday. That's always exhausting.

School starts for me in a month and a week. Hopefully there will be 5 of us attending classes.

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Marnie said...

I just have to brag. The mosquito truck went by again. If I weren't already married, I would marry the mosquito truck man. I love him.