Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hotter than H E double toothpick

Our AC has died. The repair guy is CUTE ;) He had to go to the shop to get the part. A bolt is stripped out in the blower. I almost had to get a hotel room last night. UGH.

It's going to be hot and tropical for the luau on Saturday. We still have some garage sale items we need to clean up. I got a blow up ukelele. I'm excited!

I'm drowning under laundry at the moment. I'm also dismayed at the shameful state of underwear for this family. Weirdly, I only wash undies for 4 of us. May have to have Kurt investigate what the deal is with that. Then again I may not want to know. (and yes, both Kurt and I are fully covered!)

I was supposed To be off at 4 today, but I'll have to make up time because of the AC guy. I think I'm going to attempt Fried Chicken for dinner tonite. The recipe starts out, "Take your bacon grease. If there isn't enough add a stick of butter". Should be yummy!


Kurt said...

Oh my God! She set the thermostat at 64 degrees. I about froze to death last night. At 4 AM I woke up shivering and tried to get the blanket back from her. No luck. I came down this morning and all of the windows are fogged over. On the outside.

Marnie said...

Ohimgosh! I totally forgot about the Luau. What time does it start? I don't think we are coming. I have been dragging my pg ass around all week.

Heather said...

The Luau begins at 530 pm. It is BYOC and BYOB (chair and beverage). If you are coming we have deluxe accomodations available! With 2 separate beds even!