Friday, June 30, 2006

Garden of Eden

My garden is nothing like that. However it's getting there. My great aunt Betty inherited a huge perennial garden when they moved to their new house. She and John are in their upper 80's and don't want to to deal with it. They are giving it away to whomever will come dig it up. I got a trunk full! I don't even know what some of it is. I got a couple of different ground covers, some purple stuff, sunflower/daisy stuff in dark reds and yellow, what i think is coreopsis, yellow siberian iris, day lillies, and hostas. It took 4.5 hours but I got it all in the ground. If we weren't going to MN tonite, I'd go and get more. It will have to wait until the weekend though.

I got my front flower bed and the bed by the house free of grass. I should mulch it now, but I ran out of energy.

We're supposed to close on our house today. Everything is f***ed up though. The landlord is a jerk, the realtor is an idiot/jerk, and Kurt's at work. Now there is some handyman here to take out the upstairs cupboards and sink. I'm filthy from the gardening, but I'm uncomfortable taking a shower with him in the house. All the banging upstairs is making Lewis crazy. It's a great day.

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