Sunday, June 11, 2006

A week from today

The wedding is a week from today.

I'm a little stressed.

I just drank half a bottle of wine, took my math test and did one chapter of homework.

Kurt is C R A B B Y!!

We've been watching CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on netflix. Love 'em both.

We've got a way busy week ahead of us.

It appears I'm having a bachelorette party saturday night since I'm staying in DSM that night. The Wonder Twin will be there and so will Rikki and her girlfriend. So if you want to go out call me! I DETEST that bachelorette BS stuff though so don't even think about it. I WILL leave!

1 comment:

Kurt said...

I knew I was crabby. Taking our kids back to the farm often does that to me.