Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This and That

Been busy with school so this hasn't gotten much attention. We attended Alex's Cross Country meet last Saturday. He did pretty well with the hilly course and strong winds. He had another meet yesterday. He said he got 39th (out of how many I don't know). Tomorrow we have school conferences for him and Kurt has to go to Davenport. Friday night we have the Parent's Meeting/Dinner for Cross country. Saturday is the 1st Annual Brew B Q. We're hoping the weather will be nice for it. I had a test on Tuesday and got one back on Monday. Ugh. Last night was book club. We read THE GOOD WIFE by O'Nan. Shockingly, everyone had read the book. Next month is IN COLD BLOOD. That's the second day of our trial though so we may be too wiped out to go.

The pool picture is from our vacation at Kurt's brother Greg's house. The other one is from the murder mystery dinner we got for a wedding gift from my parents and sister and brother-in-law. (I did it by the way!). It was and the Lion and the Lamb B & B.

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Kurt said...

The brew-b-q was excellent - highly recommended!