Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Washington DC

Kurt and I went to the Capital for the long weekend. Despite Hurricane Ernesto we had a wonderful time! It was relaxing and enjoyable. Since there was a deluge 3 of 4 days there weren't many crowds. It's been at least a decade since I've been to DC. It seems cleaner and brighter now. I think some of that has to do with 9/11. There are GIANT planters of flowers everywhere. The planters have been chosen as the barricades around all the museums and government buildings. It's next to impossible to drive up to any of the buildings. The cops were also very busy stopping trucks, u-hauls, and having cars towed. I've never seen such a show of force!
I wanted to see the World War II Memorial since that's new since I've last been there. We walked in the blowing sheets of rain and falling branches from there to the Lincoln Memorial and
back. The Vietnam Wall in on the right hand side of the reflecting pool and the Korean War Memorial is on the left. The Korean Memorial is pretty neat. It looks like a platoon out on patrol. Due to the weather there weren't all kinds of tributes and veterns at the Wall like the other times I've been there.
Kurt was really impressed with the Lincoln Memorial. It is quite grand. Abe is HUGE. The Gettysburg Address is on one wall and his 2nd Inauguarl Address was on the other. The steps were WAY slippery. I'm surprised I didn't biff it.

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