Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Energy Fun in the Sun

While Christy is at Horse Camp this week, I have Nick going to a day camp type class at UNI. It's called "energy Fun in the Sun". I don't think he was real excited about going, but he's having a good time.

The first day it was overcast so it was a bit of a dud. The kids (I'd guess there are 10 or so of them) are grades 4-8. They made an "oven" out if bubble wrap and aluminum foil. They also started working on solar powered cars. Tuesday was sunny so they were able to make smores in their ovens and have solar sprint car races. Nicky won first place and now has a blue ribbon and a hat with a solar powered fan. There is only one more day of it. Tomorrow they are touring a solar home (and I get to go too!)

To kill the 3 hours while I wait for him, I've been reading Stephanie Plum novels at Barnes and NOble. I read the new one, Lean Mean Thirteen, today. It was really fun! Yesterday I shopped for perennials. Few retailers have discounted them yet, but I did get a few plants I need to fill in some dead and/or weedy spaces.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Weedy spaces?? Hm. Sounds like a good title for a novel!