Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sleep Number

Kurt and I have always thought we wanted a Sleep Number bed. He likes a harder mattress and I like a featherbed. He's slept on Sleep Numbers while on business trips. Well, he had to go to Lacrosse for a PBX upgrade Wednesday - Friday so the kids I went with him. (We're trying to pretend it's a vacation). The kids were loving the sleep number. I finally had to take the controls away from them. Turns out Kurt is a 75 while I'm somewhere between 35 and 40. However, 35 is too soft and 40 is too hard (yes, I am just like the Princess and the Pea). The problem is that Kurt is sleeping on high ground and I'm down in a divot. I can't roll toward him and if he rolls toward me I get squashed. Plus because of the way the bed is structured, since my side is soft it's like climbing out of a water bed. Yuck. Kurt seems a little disappointed that I'm anti-sleep number. I told him to look at it this way; I just saved us 3k!

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