Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

We had a lovely Christmas for the most part.

Mom had oyster stew on the 23rd for us so we could leave for Rochester early on the 24th. The stew was yummy! The oysters were HUGE ( i, of course, stayed away from them)

The morning of the 23rd I had to take Francis to the vet for an emergency visit. He'd been throwing up. When we got there he got an IV for dehydration, two shots of antibiotics, and a throat culture. I checked to make sure he wouldn't be contagious since we'd be seeing his doggie cousins in Rochester.

Nick put his Santa hat on the Pooper. You can tell he's not feeling well since he didn't shake it off ASAP. He did very well being strapped in for the ride.

Think I went a little overboard?

Who wants to go fishing with me??

Nick, Christy and Kurt were really happy with the 5x7 collage print I made and framed of our trip to Chicago.

The tiger t-shirt got a thumbs up!

Lyle and Audra Kae really really enjoyed the family scrapbook I made for their 50th anniversary. It included wedding pages/photos for their parents, them, and the three boys. Each family also had two pages and I did a page for each of the nine grandkids. There were some other misc pages, too. It was a lot of work, but well worth the pain in the butt it was to see them so thrilled.
We came home in the dense fog on the 26th. We stopped at the vet to pick up more antibiotics since Francis' throat culture showed tonsillitis and we stopped at Urgent Care where Christy tested positive for strep throat.
Now the kids are gone til the night of the 4th. Kurt's been gone 2 nights working and I have all the Christmas stuff put away.
Bring on the new year!


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P.S. I love Oyster Stew!