Friday, February 06, 2009

Octuplet F**k Up

Ok I'm officially annoyed. I know this isn't news to anyone but here's what's set me off today:

It's that Nadya Suleman - The mother of 14 via IVF. She's on the Today Show with Ann Curry. 1st she looks like Angelina Jolie - so I guess we know who'll be playing her in the movie. 2nd - one of her reasons for having her children is she had a lonely and dysfunctional childhood. SHE LIVES WITH HER PARENTS!!! Weren't they part of her dysfunctional childhood? Ergo.....

How is she going to feed them? How is she going to clothe them? Maybe TLC will step in and help.

IVF can be up to $20k a cycle. She's had at least 6 rounds - she's unemployed. Who's paying for this? Me? The taxpayers? If I'm spending $ on IVF it damn well better result in ME having a newborn! Ugh!


Anonymous said...

Actually I heard somewhere that her other 6 kids are 3 sets of twins so she hasn't had at least 6 rounds but at least 4, but that doesn't make it any better. What a bizarre story and I am wondering the same...where did she get the money?

Heather said...

I thought I'd read she only had one set of twins. Who knows?? All of the information coming out of this camp is conflicting.