Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why bother?

We went to Decorah for the weekend. We were making it a combo anniversary/v-day thing. There isn't as much to do in Decorah as I thought so we got done shopping etc early and our dinner reservation wasn't until 7 pm.

We decided to go out to a new little restaurant called la dolce vita. It was a veer to the left death ride out there but it was very pretty. Despite it's loveliness we only had a drink and the spring rolls which to my dismay were cold.

We headed back into town and decided to see if we could eat early. It was a no-go. The hostess even told us it would be better if we could come later than our reservation. We drove back downtown in search of more appetizers and had no luck. We did have another drink at a very loud college bar. I believe I am officially old!

We got back out to the restaurant and didn't get seated til probably 730. Our crab cake (tasty but overly fried) arrived in a timely manner as did our soups and salad. At 8:10 we began to wonder where the F*** our food was. People that had come in after us were getting seated and getting their food! We finally got our waitress attention and she told us it would be 2 min. We pressed her a little, she pointed to the kitchen and said "that's how they do it". Then told us it would be free. We finally got our food at 8:55. My prime rib was terrible and tasteless and you could hear my baked potato when I cut it. Kurt said his was pretty good but we were both exhausted by 9. We couldn't get our waitress's attention again so we left what little cash we had for a tip and walked out.

We got back to the hotel and it was freezing. Did I mention our table was directly in front of the door to the outside? Kurt had his coat on the entire time. I ended up with my swishy pants on huddled under the covers. We were lights out by 9:45!

Today, we went to the Vesterhiem Museum. I haven't been there since I was a kid. It's 4 floors of the Norwegian American story. It was pretty interesting. There were some really cool chairs there that are carved out of a single log. Of hand I can't remember what they're called but now I want one! There was also lots of pretty silver jewelery. Silver is a huge part of the regional costumes of Norway.

Overall it was nice to be together with no kids and no dog, but it wasn't exactly the weekend romp I had in mind!

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