Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

We want to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas. We hope you were able to spend the day with your loved ones. We also hope, that unlike us, you didn't eat yourselves silly.

Kurt and I are both beyond full. He is at home and I am at work. I had to work 6 pm to Midnite tonight. The boredom is the worst part of it. I've been here two hours and i believe there have been 3 calls in that time. Woooo Hooooo. I've already done all my work, cleaned out my desk, and organized my overhead. I should have brought a book to read or something.

We had a very enjoyable holiday. The kids were pretty happy with their least Nick and Christy were. Fred and Alex seemed disappointed....even though they got what they requested (the reasonable, non-ipod items anyway). We had our Christmas duck on Marcile's china along with her red goblets and Santa nut cups.

The six of us went to my parents for the traditional Christmas Eve with oyster stew. Kurt found a pearl in his oyster. My parents, my grandpa, my sister, my brother-in-law and my sweet little nephew were all there. I spent a lot of time holding and changing the baby. I noticed Kurt never held him. We talked about it today and he said he was afraid if he did he would want another. (Need to get that kid in his arms!)

We had to have the kids back to the PP by 10 so it was an early night. It gets harder and harder to leave them there. Hopefully we won't have to soon. It was back to my parents today for Christmas breakfast and lunch. It was very mellow involving much sleeping and looking at the baby. Not too exciting.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Rochester to get together with Kurt's family. It should be fun. We haven't been to his brother's house before.

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Marnie said...

Next year will be more exciting. I won't be so depressed and I am planning games or a movie :)