Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wrap up and Review

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a pretty decent day. It was my day off (what could be better than that!). I got some money from my Grandpa so Kurt and I went to pizza hut for lunch and then uptown for some pie. I came home, had a nap, and did some homework. I've had more exciting birthdays, but this one was pretty relaxing and relatively stress free. The best present EVER would be if our damn house would sell!!

I found the crock pot, the serving and mixing bowls, and the missing corning ware. They were in the bottom of the cupboard at the other house. I SWEAR I've looked there a dozen times. Kurt was convinced we'd been robbed. I couldn't see, how out of all that CRAP and 100's of boxes in the garage, a robber would have been able to single out the things i use on a daily basis.

Kurt has a huge project due tomorrow night. He didn't get home til 2 am last night (I only beat him by 15 min). Driving home in the dark and blowing snow was a special bonus. Yet another thing I for which I can thank APAC. He'll be even later tomorrow night.

Last week I took everyone to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was good! Christy thought it was a little scary, Alex was disappointed things had been left out and minimized, but everyone was glad to go. Plus it was free popcorn night!

The house is starting to shape up. The end of the tunnel is getting near for school. I may make it to the end of the year!

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