Sunday, November 12, 2006

Against All Odds

As many of you know we had a custody trial in the middle of October. We were hoping for a ruling by Christmas. Monday, night I saw there was a decision in our case posted online. I called Kurt and he raced to the courthouse just before close of business.

Long story short....WE WON!!!!

The kids have been placed with us except for 3 weekends a month, 4 weeks in the summer and alternating holidays. She has been ordered to pay us child support.

Nick and Christy start school in the morning.

This has renewed our faith (that and the Democrats winning!).

It's been a very good week.

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and caring concern. We appreciate it more than you can ever know. Eventually, the kids will, too.

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Rachel said...

Congratulations! That is such wonderful news. You both are excellent parents, and will do a wonderful job as you continue to raise your kids.