Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Day continues

I'm so full I may never eat again! However, I am having a cinnamon roll right now. We had a great yesterday. Kurt's brother Kelly, his wife Jackie, and three boys arrived in the afternoon while I was at the first 50th anniversary party. Greg, his other brother, arrived from Rochester around 5 p.m. He told us of his adventure at Target yesterday morning. He was a nice guy and helped a security guard open a case which led to him being one of the 5 people that got an Xbox something or other with a bonus pack. The armed guard ended up escorting him to the check outs!

Alex came over to see his grandparents and cousins, go for pizza, and swimming while Nicky and Christy declined. We had a 48th Anniversary party for Lyle and Audra Kae at Pizza Ranch. Everyone really enjoyed the buffet and the chocolate cake we brought.

I need to write a memo for my staffing class and I'm having trouble finding an article for it.

We'll have a houseful trying to solve the problems of the world again. It's exhausting!

Anyone for leftovers?

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