Sunday, November 12, 2006

Poor Baby

My Lewis is one sick puppy dog. He stayed at Mom and Dad's last night because we were out of town. They called early this morning to say he was throwing up and listless. We headed for their place and called our wonderful vet, Dr D.

Dr. D gave him an IV and took a blood sample.

Lewie had been throwing up bile, had blood in his stool, has an astronomical white count and his liver function is incredibly high, too. He has congested lungs and is wheezing. He also has a low temp, is dehydrated and pale.

They are going to keep hydrating him and so some xrays. They will call me in the morning. He's not as bad off as he sounds. He's got a serious infection of some sort.

Dr. D will call me in the morning.

My poor baby :(

He's so sick he even let Ryan pet him!

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