Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Omaha!

We've had a lovely Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-laws in Omaha. They are moving to Dallas in December so their house is a bit bare, but it's gorgeous! I feel like a bumpkin from the poor side of the family. I know that we aren't but I too would like a jacuzzi tub, marble counter tops, and hardwood floors! I suppose I could if I could come up with the cash.

The drive here yesterday was treacherous. We saw 38 accidents/cars/jack-knifed trucks on the way. We just kept plugging along. People are seriously idiots! How long have you lived in Iowa?? This happens every year get a clue people!

The boys(men)here are studying the ads, formulating a plan and charging up the two way radios. They are SERIOUS shoppers! I will be staying here.

We're going home tomorrow. We might stop in DSM and see my sister and nephew. We need to be home by 5:30 so we can rescue our puppy from the kennel.

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