Saturday, February 16, 2008

We have the worst luck

We're in Green Bay yet again. This should be that last trip for a while. The forecast is 7-12" of snow with at least an inch an hour. Don't forget about the 20-30 mph winds, too. Sunday is showing at 100% chance of snow with blizzard conditions and travel is called "hazardous, if not impossible". Nice. Kurt is working until probably 3 am tonight. Amy said I should cut my losses and start driving!

I got an email from Mom that saying that IA is predicting a 1/2" of ice under the snow. We brought the truck, but still. The guy on NBC26 just said the average snow pile in Winnebago is 20 feet high! It could be an exciting weekend.

I won 1.96 in the casino last night. Tonight the plan is to study and take practice tests. On the first section I got 52%. One needs 70% to be liscensed. If I hadn't second-guessed myself I would have had over 70%. I'm not sure what to do about that.

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